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Ice Castles Vouchers On Pre-Sale

Posted: 12/6/2021

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Ice Castles Vouchers On Pre-Sale

UPDATE: The pre-sale vouchers are sold out. Please check back soon for a link to purchase tickets in January 2022!

LAKE GEORGE, NY — This winter, an award-winning frozen attraction already located in five other states around the U.S. is coming to Lake George, NY!

Ice Castles, an interactive frozen attraction, plans to open this winter in Festival Commons in Charles R. Wood Park in Lake George.

Starting December 6, you can reserve your priority booking voucher for Ice Castles at the general admission price.

Choose the number of tickets you want to reserve and proceed through the checkout process.

Vouchers purchased during this offer are good for any age, day and time this season - weekdays, weekends, or holidays.

You’ll receive an email 48 hours before tickets go on sale to the general public with a special VIP link and instructions on how to pick your dates before everyone else.

That's it — it's pretty simple!

This offer ends on Sunday, December 12 or when the limited number of priority booking vouchers sell out. So book now, and let's make this winter magical.

Here are some cool facts about Ice Castles:

  • Ice Castles is created entirely by hand, using only icicles and water as the building medium.
  • Each castle is composed of about 25 million pounds of ice and stands between 20 and 35 feet tall. 
  • Ice Castles features slides, tunnels, crawl spaces, fountains, and towers. It is an interactive experience for the whole family.
  • Ice Castles is a place where your imagination can run wild, where fairy tales and fantasy come to life.
  • Ice Castles is weather dependent. Mother Nature is the lead architect.

We're so excited to have another winter attraction in addition to the new Winterfest, snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc.

This breathtaking experience is built using hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists.

Within these towering ice castles you'll find LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains and more.

The dates and hours of this new seasonal attraction will be weather dependent. We do not have specific opening dates yet. Please check our events page for updates.

Your moment of imagination and exploration awaits at Ice Castles.

Click here to reserve your voucher!

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