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Lake George Hires COVID-19 Inspector

The Village of Lake George has hired a special COVID-19 Inspector to ensure compliance with New York state regulations throughout the pandemic.

Find links to important documents and read more about this new position below.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a recent public TV appearance, reiterated that he was relying on local enforcement to keep each community safe in compliance. Otherwise the Governor indicated that he would seek individual closures of each community rather than the entire districts.

The new Village Enforcement Officer will begin periodic inspections of all Village businesses over the next two weeks. Inspections will take place, unannounced and at various times according to the industry sector.

The Village Zoning and Planning Administrator Dan Barusch has designed an inspection checklist relative to each business that includes associated State guidelines.

The new Inspector, Troy LaBelle, will report directly to Barusch and Mayor Robert Blais.

Businesses found in violation will receive an initial warning and a follow-up inspection. Repeat offenders will be issued Appearance Tickets. Accrual of 3 or more violations will result in possible revocation of the business’s Village Business License.

 “Our community hosts guests from all over the world and we must ensure that they find Lake George is clean, safe and following the State’s guidelines,” Mayor Blais said.

 “Our village is an extremely popular destination and we want to be a “Poster Child” for adhering to the rules, not the reason for falling backwards. We will do our very best to make certain we follow the rules,” Mayor Blais said.

 Funds for the new Inspector, who will work part-time, will come from the Village budget allocations savings for special events.

View the links below to see what Inspector LaBelle will be looking for at your business:

Mask/ Social Distancing Enforcement

The NYS Department of Health has issued an emergency rule, effective Thursday July 9, 2020 (available here) that addresses the enforcement of several “social distancing” measures.
Perhaps most significant, the rule (Section 66-3.2) imposes an explicit, enforceable requirement on all building owners and operators:
  • Business operators and building owners, and those authorized on their behalf shall deny admittance to any person who fails to comply with this section [requiring face-coverings] and shall require or compel such persons’ removal. Provided, however, that this regulation shall be applied in a manner consistent with the federal American with Disabilities Act, New York State or New York City Human Rights Law, and any other applicable provision of law.
The rule does specify that any individual violating any provision of this rule is subject to civil penalty up to $1,000 per violation, while businesses are subject to civil penalties specified in statute, up to $2,000 per day of violation.