Taste NY at the Adirondacks Welcome Center: Demo! Peakquest Hiking Scratch Off Cards

Taste NY at the Adirondacks Welcome Center : I-87 Northbound (Between Exits 17 & 18), Queensbury, NY  12804

12pm - 2pm

Peakquest hiking challenge scratch offs are a unique way to track your hikes! Stop by the Adirondacks Welcome Center for a demo of the Adirondack 46 and the Lake George 12 scratch offs.

Peakquest was founded by two avid hikers from the Adirondacks who wanted to create a fun and unique way to track hiking progress and thought what could be more fun than to summit a mountain and have the instant gratification of checking it off your list? Upon thought, they created a scratch off card to be your new hiking companion. Come pick some up and start your Adirondack hiking adventure!

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