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Abide by the #ParksPledge to keep our trails open

Posted: 4/8/2020

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Abide by the #ParksPledge to keep our trails open

Unfortunately two trails were closed this week due to overcrowding.

An influx of people last weekend at one of the area’s most popular trails — The Pinnacle —  led to its temporary closure first.

Later in the week the Lake George Land Conservancy closed the Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob as of April 9. Click here to read more about this difficult decision.

We don’t want to see more trails or parks closed, so we’re sharing the Parks & Trails New York #ParksPledge and asking everyone to make this pledge with us!

Please stay as close your neighborhood as possible while enjoying the outdoors. If you live in Warren County, they have a great interactive Recreation Mapper to help you find new places to explore in your area. Click here to view the Recreation Mapper.

Click here to view Lake George Land Conservancy trails. 

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is also encouraging people to stay local. Click here to read about their #RecreateLocal campaign.

In addition, Warren County is asking for people to take the #TrailsPledgeWarrenCounty to be safe and smart outdoors during this ongoing outbreak. Educational signs are up at trailheads around the county.

“We know and appreciate the benefits of exploring the outdoors, enjoying fresh air and appreciating the beauty of our natural resources,” said Frank Thomas, chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors. “Warren County invites you to do so safely to protect yourself, your fellow adventurers, and the public safety officers who are looking out for all of us. Please recreate using the guidelines we are issuing today.”

Warren County officials ask that visitors to local trails:

• Stay local and keep visits short;
• Visit in small groups limited to immediate household members;
• Maintain distance from others while in places where people tend to congregate, such as parking lots, trailheads, and scenic overlooks;
• Avoid games and activities that require close contact, such as basketball, football, or soccer;
• Avoid playground equipment like slides and swings and other frequently touched surfaces; note that most local playgrounds are closed.
• Do not share equipment, such as bicycles, helmets, balls, or Frisbees;
• If you arrive at a park and crowds are forming, choose a different park, a different trail, or return another time/day to visit; and
• If parking lots are full, please do not park along roadsides or other undesignated areas. To protect your safety and that of others, please choose a different area to visit, or return another time or day when parking is available.
• Those over 70 or with compromised immune systems, or who are ill, should avoid going to public areas until further notice.
• Share your local safe hiking/biking on social media with the hashtag #TrailsPledgeWarrenCounty to show your support!

When planning to go outdoors, take time to find a place to go near home where you won’t find crowds.

Read more below from Parks & Trails New York:

Our parks and trails are more important than ever to our physical and mental well-being. To ensure these treasured outdoor spaces stay open, please take the #ParksPledge to keep parks and trails safe for everyone, and urge your family and friends to do the same. 

I pledge to:

  • Avoid crowded areas – if a park or trail is crowded, be ready to change plans. Also, steer clear of places people tend to congregate: parking lots, playgrounds, picnic areas, overlooks
  • Practice social distancing - stay 6-feet away from individuals outside of immediate household members
  • Stay local – recreate close to home and keep visits short 

And, of course, if you’re not feeling well or have any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. 

Our Goal: 10,000 #ParksPledges 

More and more governmental bodies are shutting their parks and outdoor spaces due to overcrowding and unhealthy behaviors. Let’s keep New York’s outdoors open by doing the right thing. 

Here are two easy ways to help spread the word and keep parks and trails open:

  1. Tag 5 friends on social media and challenge them to take the

  2. Take a photo of yourself enjoying nature while following the #ParksPledge
      guidelines and share it on FacebookTwitter or Instagram 

Together, we can keep parks and trails open and safe for everyone.

Visit for more information.

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