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Anglers Head to Lake George for Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

Posted: 8/20/2020 - 3-Minute Read

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Anglers Head to Lake George for Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

By Amanda May Metzger
LGRCC Marketing Director

LAKE GEORGE, NY — This weekend (August 22 and 23) Kayak Bass Fishing® (KBF) will host two kayak bass fishing tournaments on 32-mile long Lake George in New York’s Adirondacks Mountains.

 The Lake George Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau is thrilled to welcome these anglers for a tournament that is reimagined in a creative way to ensure competitors maintain social distancing standards and stay safe. The format for this tournament will be CPR (catch-photo-release) in which bass are photographed on an approved measuring board, with the Event ID Code on a visible KBF Identifier Card in the picture, and uploaded via the TourneyX Pro App. Competitors of this tournament must pay their 2020 KBF Competitor or KBM Lifetime member dues. So far 79 anglers have registered.

Registration is still open!

Once anglers become KBF members, they can then sign up for a free account and register for the event. The entry fee is $100 per day.

“In light of the pandemic and current group gatherings and protocols, this type of event is a great option for our region to still be able to follow social distancing and safety protocols and we are thrilled to welcome them to our region,” said Kristen Hanifin, LGRCVB Special Event and Convention Sales Director.

 The LGRCVB met Kayak Bass Fishing several years ago at Sports Events & Tourism Association Symposium and has been collaborating to bring an event like this to the region.

 “Given the parameters of what we are permitted and not permitted to do with group gatherings, it is not about what we ‘can't do,’ but rather what CAN we do and how can we deliver safe events, that follow state and county social distancing, health and safety protocols.  Events such as paddling (kayak, SUP), fishing, golf, mountain biking, e-sports, bowling and other more individualized sports that can be socially distanced are all areas in which the Lake George Regional CVB will continue to explore new options,” Hanifin said.

 The KBF legacy partner “Adirondack Kayak Bass Fishing” will host these high stakes kayak tournaments.  Anglers from across the country (COVID dependent) will ascend on Lake George to try to catch the 5 longest bass each day for their chance at money, prizes and bragging rights! 

 “We, at the Adirondack KBF, are honored to host these events on this scenic lake. This amazing lake is home to prime gamefish such largemouth, smallmouth, lake trout, salmon, pike, pickerel.  Make no mistakes about it, they all get big in this fishbowl.  Additionally, plethora of perch, sunfish, ciscos and smelt make them healthy and fat,” said organizer Brian Baulsir. 

 This exciting event is sponsored by Dakota Lithium Outdoors, YakAttack, Pro Tech Net, DIATRACT, FishUSA, PowerPole and Tactacam. 

 The tournament will use #adirondackkbf on social media throughout the weekend, so be sure to search that hashtag to view posts from the competing anglers.

 Tips for Anglers

 “As anglers converge on this gorgeous lake, we (#adirondackkbf) wanted to reach out to welcome you all and offer some tips regarding the lake during the tourist season.  We hope this will help with some potential questions as you make your way to the lake,” Baulsir said.

  • Most recent COVID-19 travel regulations are posted here Most states in the northeast are free to travel into NY, but please review the regulations and know what to expect.
  • Wear bright colors! It is crazy busy on the lake right now!  Pleasure boats, pontoons, steamers, wooden Hacker crafts, jet skis, fishing boats, tiki bars… you'll see it all out there. Your best defense is to be seen! It is easy to blend into the background, especially if you have a darker kayak.
  • Some beaches and launches may not be open. Be diligent and check out the launches before the tourney. It could save you some time on game day! 

“We are honored to host our 3rd Trail event on the "Queen of American Lakes" on behalf of #kayakbassfishing!  Just one question left to answer… Who will be the King of the Queen?” Baulsir said.

 About the Lake George Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau:

The Lake George Regional CVB is a division of the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce. Its funding is supplied through occupancy tax dollars with the goal of realizing a return on that promotional money in the form of weather-proof business including meetings, conventions, sports tournaments and other events that bring tourism dollars to the area year-round.

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