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Lake George Music Festival Hosts Opening Celebration!

Posted: 8/8/2023

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Lake George Music Festival Hosts Opening Celebration!

Lake George Music Festival Opening Celebration -

Remarks from Alexander Lombard, President & CEO

The Lake George Music Festival has never had an official season “theme.” In our 13 year history, we have never found it necessary to focus the festival around any one artistic idea. However, I do feel there are major themes developing around the music festival as a whole. Those themes would be to first: understand that this Lake George environment has a long, detailed history of inspiring great artists, and second: we should be aware of our place within that history, how we might add to it, and how we might inspire a new generation of classical
music lovers.

To put these themes in perspective, think about this: In the early 20 th century, Marcella Sembrich, the founder of both the Curtis Institute of Music’s and the Juilliard School’s voice departments had a summer studio on Lake George where she trained her many gifted pupils each summer. Georgia O’Keeffe spent several summers on Lake George painting works that can now be viewed in museums around the country. One of the original opera stars of the early Metropolitan Opera Company, Louise Homer, summered here. A little known composer at the time, a Curtis Alumni and nephew of Ms. Homer, at the cusp of his professional career spent several summers on Lake George composing works that are now standards in today’s
repertoire. That was Samuel Barber.

Without a doubt, they all drew inspiration from this same environment. People refer to those days as “the glory days” of Lake George. But, I think the glory days are
here and now.

To me, that is a theme worthy of a season title: this is the first time in history that Lake George, and now the Carriage House, has hosted a population of artists of this size and scope. And that’s really the ultimate goal of Lake George Music Festival: to create an artist retreat, and a culture that’s built around not only the lake itself, but around institutions like the Music Festival and Fort William Henry who are focused on protecting and enhancing the treasured Lake George experience you’re all about to have.

We can all be incredibly proud that everything we do here at the Carriage House reflects the beauty of Lake George. Nothing we do here detracts from it. As Thomas Jefferson once said:“Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw.” And, like it did for so many great artists throughout history: Lake George will inspire all of you artistically and professionally, and, hopefully: your work and presence here will reflect its beauty and be etched into Lake George history.

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