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LGA's Floating Classroom Hosts Municipality Day

Posted: 5/16/2024

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The Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce was delighted to participate in the inaugural Municipality Day aboard the Floating Classroom, hosted by the Lake George Association. This unique educational experience took place on Lake George on Friday, May 10. 

For nearly three decades, the Floating Classroom has been an integral part of the Lake George Association’s efforts to educate over 2,000 participants annually about our lake's water quality. During this special event, attendees engaged in three hands-on experiments to evaluate the health of the lake and discussed the pressing challenges facing our watershed.

Each municipality or group received two complimentary tickets for this event.

We thank you for your continuous support and were pleased to see many familiar faces at what proved to be an enlightening and engaging experience. We look forward to further collaborations and events that enhance our understanding and stewardship of Lake George.

About the Lake George Association

The LGA's mission is to promote and enhance the health of the Lake George watershed by preventing degradation from pollution and shoreline erosion, and by advocating for policies and actions that support environmental sustainability. The organization works to achieve its mission through a combination of science-based programs, community engagement, and collaboration with other local and regional entities.

About the Floating Classroom

The Floating Classroom is an educational initiative by the Lake George Association (LGA) aimed at providing hands-on environmental education about the ecology and water quality of Lake George. This program takes place aboard a specially equipped boat that allows participants, typically students and community groups, to learn directly from the lake's environment through interactive experiences and scientific experiments.

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