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Looking back on half a century of restaurant reviews

Posted: 9/4/2020 - 2-min read

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Looking back on half a century of restaurant reviews

In the sixth installment of our #FlashbackFriday series collaboration with the weekly newspaper, the Lake George Mirror, we are going back 48 years to when Lake George Village Mayor Bob Blais began his long tenure as a restaurant reviewer.

Over nearly half a century Blais has written 262 restaurant reviews. First he wrote under the name Gary Gourmet for Action Spots Magazine. Check out the cover of one of the editions in the gallery below.

In 1999 Blais began writing his Table Talk column under a differet nom de plume — Blaze Marshall.

Read the full story in the September 4 weekly edition of the Lake George Mirror!

Another fun fact: Mayor Blais is one of the longest-serving mayors in U.S. history with a tenure of 49 years. Check out these vintage restaurant ads!

 From the Lake George Mirror:

"Forty-eight years ago, Lake George Village Mayor Bob Blais began reviewing restaurants, first under the pen name Gary Gourmet, then as Blaze Marshall, the name he has used in his reviews for the Lake George Mirror over the past 20 years. In this week's issue of the Lake George Mirror, Blais recalls the highs and lows of reviewing restaurants in the Lake George region."

We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Lake George Mirror to bring you a weekly #FlashbackFriday series on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels. Each week through this series we highlight an article about the area’s history in the current edition of the Mirror! 📰

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