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Silver Bay YMCA Offers respite to essential COVID-19 workers

Posted: 9/16/2020 - 3-Minute Read

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Silver Bay YMCA Offers respite to essential COVID-19 workers

The natural beauty of the Lake George region has been a source of comfort and respite for so many during these challenging times. We are fortunate to have so many options for places to stay,  dine, and things to do that continue to allow us to enjoy all the area has to offer while keeping a safe distance from others through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Silver Bay YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center offers a wonderful program that provides vacation opportunities at no cost to families with limited financial means. This is such an amazing way to help these families make special memories that last a lifetime.

Now they've expanded it to essential workers we all relied upon during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more in this press release below from Silver Bay YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center.

Silver Bay, NY — The Silver Bay YMCA Conference and Family Retreat Center has expanded its Vacations Made Possible program to offer rest and renewal at no cost to essential workers who served at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The program, which was established in 2015 to provide free vacation opportunities to families with limited financial means, broadened its original scope in response to the pandemic that shut New York State down for over two months. 
“The unsung heroes of the pandemic are those who continued to serve at the height of the pandemic when the rest of us had to stay home, the healthcare workers and grocery store associates who have risked their lives to take care of us and ensure that we had what we needed to survive,” stated Steve Tamm, Chief Executive Officer at Silver Bay YMCA. “Expanding this opportunity to essential workers so that they may rest and reconnect with their families is but a small way to thank them for serving throughout such a stressful and chaotic time.” 
Since the announcement of the program’s expansion in July, 13 families have been welcomed to stay at Silver Bay through Vacations Made Possible, and will stay on the YMCA’s campus throughout the fall season. 
Tamm added that many of these families include young children who have not enjoyed quality time with one or more of their parents, who have worked long shifts as healthcare workers in locations from Bolton Landing to Schenectady to the Bronx. 
“As part of Silver Bay’s mission to have a positive impact in our community and beyond, we are honored to welcome essential workers who serve in various capacities throughout the region and across New York State to reconnect with their families and enjoy a reprieve from stresses caused by COVID-19,” shared Tamm. 
Vacations Made Possible is a 100% donor-funded program that provides respite opportunities to individuals with limited means, individuals who have suffered financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or essential workers who provided essential services to the public throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Individuals may request a Vacations Made Possible program application from the Development Office at  
Silver Bay YMCA was founded in 1902 and is located in Silver Bay, NY, just minutes south of Hague, NY. 
Its 700 acre campus along one mile of Lake George shoreline offers a wide breadth of programs for all ages. Silver Bay YMCA presently employs 50 full-time staff members with a seasonal staff of 200. 
Silver Bay YMCA is consistently ranked one of the top ten family reunion sites in the country and is on the National Register of Historic Places with the U.S. Department of the Interior. As a mission based charity, Silver Bay YMCA offers outreach programs in addition to its core activities as a premier conference and family retreat center. Those activities include: Open Pathways (Access to Silver Bay YMCA for the underprivileged) Youth and Government Program (covering Queensbury to Ticonderoga) Cancer Respite Program (Free respite for local cancer patients) Military R and R Program (Free getaway for recently deployed veterans and their families) Brookside Trinity Ministry (Free respite and sabbatical getaways for clergy) Vacations Made Possible (Free getaways for local underprivileged families) Silver Bay has provided emergency housing to local North Country residents in times of personal crisis; e.g. homes damaged by fire, flood and/or other unsafe conditions. MISSION: The mission of Silver Bay YMCA is to foster a lifelong sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and nurture spirit, mind, and body for all. DESIRED IMPACT: Because of Silver Bay YMCA, personal and family bonds are stronger. People are more connected, respectful, and caring and have the confidence to develop to their fullest potential and impact the communities in which they live. They are inspired by the beauty of the landscape at Silver Bay and are better stewards of the environment.
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