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Sweet Treats Made in New York Available at Adirondacks Welcome Center

Posted: 4/6/2023 - 2-minute Read

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Sweet Treats Made in New York Available at Adirondacks Welcome Center

QUEENSBURY,  N.Y. — The Taste NY Market at the Adirondacks Welcome Center vending market — open 24/7 — is also a great location to find a variety of sweet treats, including chocolate, made in New York!

The Adirondacks Welcome Center provides a location to learn about the history of the area, current things to do and a vending market with a variety of items made in New York. This event is designed to celebrate the spring season and help people learn about all there is at the Adirondacks Welcome Center.

Sweet Treats available in the Vending Market for April:

●      Barkeater Chocolates (North Creek, NY) - Adirondack Adventure Bark, Milk-o-Nut Bark, Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Grown Up Peanut Butter Cups

●      Fruition Chocolate Works (Shokan, NY) - Peru Marañón Dark Milk (bar) and Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk (bar)

●      Apothecary Chocolates (Colton, NY) - Artisanal Chocolate Truffles

●      Chip 'n Dipped Chocolatier (Huntington, NY) - Dark Chocolate Thin Mints in the Middle (bar), Milk Chocolate (bar), Black Cherry Dark Chocolate (bar), Milk Chocolate Pretzel (bar), Milk Chocolate Marshmallow (bar), Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Bun (bar)

●      Mapleland Farms (Salem, NY) - Maple Sugar Candy

●      My Big Fat Cookie (Calverton, NY) - S'mores and Cookies & Cream

●      Joray Fruit Rolls (Brooklyn, NY) - Cherry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Watermelon, Apricot

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