We care about the health and safety of our community and guests. Please click here for the latest Travel Advisory before you plan your trip.

COVID-19 Resources

The hospitality community in Warren County is committed to keeping our visitors, employees and community healthy and safe.

We are closely monitoring the recent increase in the numbers of COVID cases nationally and locally. The recent increase in Warren County is due largely to an outbreak in a skilled nursing facility and to individuals being exposed at group gatherings of unvaccinated people.  A few cases involved individuals who went to work, school, camp or other public places while feeling ill and, regrettably, spread COVID to others.

Each year, our region welcomes visitors from all over the nation and the world who seek rest, relaxation and adventure in the place we call home. Our most fervent wish is that they have a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience and return again and again. Protecting our guests and our visitors requires that we remain watchful. This is an evolving situation. We know that what happens with COVID in the rest of the country and the world affects us. That’s why we in the hospitality community and our partners in public health and county government are doing all we can to keep our visitors, our employees, our families and our community healthy and safe.

We have some big advantages: As of November 12, Warren County was at 73.6% of our population receiving at least one dose (84.8% for age 18+).  The statewide average is 72.2% (85.0% for age 18+).  The percentage of Warren County’s population that has completed a vaccine series is now 69.2%, which compares favorably with the statewide average of 65.5%.  

At this time, we recommend:

 For information on how and where to get vaccinated, visit Warren County’s COVID website, warrencountyny.gov/covidhub. Call Warren County Health Services at (518) 761-6580 if you would like to have an on-site vaccination clinic at your business.

Free Signage Downloads 

Click here for the link. 

Local design firm Sidekick Creative has generously provided a series of free signs for Warren County businesses to print and post to help remind their patrons to keep themselves and those around them safe.  Click here for the link.                   
Each sign features text with all three reminders, so businesses can display all three or just one. 

Download a print ready .pdf using the links beneath each image. There are two size options for each image: 8.5x11 and 11x17

Click here to download the signs to use at your business!

As New York State continues to reopen in phases, businesses will need to make sure they are compliant with rules, regulations and policies on informing staff of safety measures. The Business Council has created signs that can be downloaded and used at your businesses. Click the links below for more informaiton.

Social Distancing Signs

'Do Not Enter' Sign