Shrine Circus

Charles R. Wood Park

3:00 PM


The Oriental Shriners have a long history of sponsoring an annual Shrine Circus. Every year the temple hosts a Circus for 6-10 days and 6-18 shows. The shows are great family entertainment, geared towards the kids. Prior to the arrival of the Circus, Oriental books the site, provides advance publicity, and serves as the local liason between the Circus and the local authorities. Oriental gives out free kids tickets in advance to help as many kids as possible to come and have fun. When the Circus sets up for a show, Oriental volunteers provide the kids in attendance with free clown noses (even the adult “kids”). We also hand out coloring books and programs. We provide assistance in crowd control, parking, and photo opportunities with our Clowns. This fun period is highly anticipated by both the Shriners and the local kids. It is also our largest fundraiser and one of our most fun events to help with. A WIN WIN for all. Come join us next year for the Shrine Circus .