Full Moon Sound Journey w/David Vrendenburg at the Adirondack Salt Cave

Adirondack Salt Cave
Location 11 Broad St., Glens Falls, NY  12801

6:00 PM


Full Moon Sound Journey - Friday, September 29, 2023 – 1-hour sessions:

6pm – Register Now!!

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Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment is necessary to save your spot! (This special event is limited to 12 people)
Cost – $70 per person for 1-hour session including Halotherapy
Book now so you don’t miss out on this amazing event!!!
To Register and Pay, call Adirondack Salt Cave (518) 798-2343 or to Register and Pay online, please follow the links above.

Join David Vrendenburg, of Healing Circle Therapeutics LLC at the Adirondack Salt Cave and experience a Full Moon Sound Journey while experiencing Halotherapy in the healing space of the Himalayan Salt Cave!
Full Moon Sound Journeys allow you to experience a deep Theta brainwave state. Profound relaxation, healing and communing with the Devine can all transpire during your journey.
This journey uses:
• guided imagery
• Reiki
• Crystal Singing Bowls
• Ocean drumming
• hypnotic affirmations
• energetic release

If profound relaxation is your only intention, that is perfectly fine. This is YOUR Journey, and you are in control of it. Set your intention and enjoy the experience.
Allow Full Moon Sound Journeys to help you draw the moons powerful attributes into your life, based on information about the specific phase of the Moon that we are in.

About David Vrendenburg, LMT, RM, CTT, CH, CVT

David is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness – School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. He is New York State and Florida licensed and Nationally Certified massage therapist with 15 years of experience in Medical Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork.
He is also a Reiki Master in Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki and specializes in Intuitive Energetic Release, an intuition-based form of energy work designed to facilitate the release of old emotions, pain, and energy blockages being held in the body.
David received his certification as a Vibrational Therapist in 2022 and created his Sound Journeys in which he incorporates Hypnotic affirmations, as he has been a certified Hypnotist since 2010.
His passion is to facilitate healing through all of his modalities while creating a safe, secure, calm place for you to explore your own healing journey.

This experience will be held at Adirondack Salt Cave, 11 Broad Street Glens Falls NY.
Dress warm and comfortably! You will be lying in zero gravity chairs in the salt cave for an hour. A blanket and bottled water will be provided for you!

n healing journey.