The Park Presents: Shu

The Park Theater
Location 581-587 Glen St, Glens Falls, NY  12801

8:00 PM

Location https://www.parktheatergf.com/upcoming-events/#/events/74819

Doors: 8:00pm | Show: 8:30pm - Shu is a five-piece band of virtuosic hippies who have been entertaining music fans across Northeast with their genre-smashing mix of rock, ska, funk, pop and jazz for three decades. On April 15, 2023 they released their new LP “Armchair Prophets”, 30 years to the day since they first got together and jammed. 

Bob Smith (guitar, vocals), Todd Haviland (bass, vocals), and Eric D Hamell (drums, vocals). Matty Carl (sax, keys, vocals) and Bryan Mull (guitar, vocals) have played thousands of shows together over the years. They toured the US college circuit in the 1990s, rocking campuses, bars, theaters and festivals from Manhattan to Manchester and from Philly to Portland. Over the years they have released three official studio recordings; Fanagalo (1996), Shu (2001), NCPR Session (2007). However, Shu fans know that the band is best experienced live. They have continued to perform throughout the 2000s. In the 2020’s the veteran players find themselves in demand once again. To commemorate their anniversary they headed to the studio to capture their live magic in a single 12 hour session. The result is the first new Shu release in over 15 years. Armchair Prophets is the new 7-song collection from Shu. The set consists of band and fan favorites that have previously only existed on stage. The record was recorded, mixed and co-produced with the band by Grammy-winning audio engineer, and longtime Shu family-member Marc Fuller at SkyFall Studios in Argyle, the former location of Sweetfish Studios where Shu recorded their seminal LP Fanagalo. The album was mastered by veteran industry heavyweight (YouTube, Spotify) and original Shu producer, Doug Ford. The members of Shu have spent more than half of their lives together, and with their fans. Their loves and heartaches, losses and victories are intertwined. They are family. The anniversary is an exciting milestone, and one that has infused the group with a new energy. Join the party.