A Century of Sembrich - Promenade Series: Flonzaley Resident Ensemble: WindSync - Woodwind Quintet

The Sembrich
Location 4800 Lake Shore Dr., Bolton Landing, NY  12814

7:00 PM

Location https://www.thesembrich.org/festival/2024

7:00 pm | Tickets: $43/pp - WindSync has established itself as a vibrant chamber ensemble performing classical masterworks, adapting beloved music to their instrumentation, and championing new works by today’s composers. The quintet eliminates the "fourth wall" between musicians and audience by often performing from memory, creating an intimate connection. This personal performance style, combined with the ensemble’s three-pronged mission of artistry, education, and community-building, lends WindSync its reputation as ”a group of virtuosos who are also wonderful people, too" (Alison Young, Classical MPR). 

Versatile and vibrant, WindSync “play many idioms authoritatively, elegantly, with adroit technique, and with great fun” (All About the Arts). 

“Savvy, Smarts & Sass…” - Arts and Culture

Followed by a lakeside reception.