Wiawaka Lecture Series: Georgia O'Keeffe Portrayed by Claire Nolan

Wiawaka Center for Women
Location 3778 State Rt. 9L, Lake George, NY  12845

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location https://www.wiawaka.org/womens-lecture-series

7:00 - 8:30 pm - Georgia O'Keeffe Portrayed by Claire Nolan

Presenter: Claire Nolan

Just the lecture is $20, get dinner and the lecture for just $35.

Claire Nolan is an educator and a storyteller. She has combined those two passions in her portrayals of important historical figures from US and world history.   What are First Person Portrayals of Historic Characters?  What can you expect during a performance?  During a “first person” performance, the actor takes on the role of the historical figure. She dresses in period costume and may portray herself as a person who has no idea how things have changed since her historical period.  

During her presentation Claire also hopes to provide a springboard for discussion of the historical character and her time and place.  Claire’s repertoire includes Mary Harris (Mother) Jones, Rachel Carson, Georgia O’Keeffe and Marie Curie. She welcomes suggestions for other important women from history to add to her repertoire. Claire’s portrayals are especially appropriate for Middle School, High School and Adult audiences. 

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