Wiawaka Lecture Series: Channeling Katrina Trask w/Melissa O'Brien

Wiawaka Center for Women
Location 3778 State Rt. 9L, Lake George, NY  12845

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location https://www.wiawaka.org/womens-lecture-series

7:00 - 8:30 pm - Channeling Katrina Trask

Presenter: Melissa O'Brien

Just the lecture is $20, get dinner and the lecture for just $35.

Many know Katrina Trask as a woman of immense strength, vision and creativity. In her lifetime she survived the death of her four children, devastating house fires and the train accident that killed her husband, Spencer. She seemed to have a bottomless well of strength from which she drew to rebuild her life in the wake of the many tragedies that befell her. But there is a part of the story of Katrina’s life we don’t read about as frequently: she was a mystic in her own right. In describing the manner in which she conceived the plan for Yaddo, she said, “Suddenly an unseen hand seemed laid upon me … an unheard voice seemed calling to me … I felt as if Something stood in my path and that Something was too vast for me to define … and then I spoke, it was if some spirit other than my own were speaking through me.”

There were many episodes in her life when Katrina relied on the spirt realm for guidance and inspiration. We’ll talk about some of these and potentially give voice to Katrina if she’d like to speak with us that evening!

Melissa is a Congregational minister and spiritual medium. She has worked as a hospice and hospital chaplain and today she teaches small classes in mediumship and energy work. You can read more about her at melissaannobrien.com.

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