2024 Retreats at Wiawaka Center for Women - The Art of Relating: Pathway to Expression

Wiawaka Center for Women
Location 3778 State Rt. 9L, Lake George, NY  12845

Location https://www.wiawaka.org/retreats

The Art of Relating: Pathway to Expression

July 19th-21st, 2024

An Exclusive Retreat on Lake George.

Join Relationship Expert and certified coach JoŽlle Lydon for a†nourishing weekend of deep coaching and art.

Support your personal and professional growth as:

  • Guided art sessions†reveal your†personal path to†relationship mastery.

  • Dance and movement†loosen your†physical†attachment to past patterns.

  • Heart-opening conversations†reinforce that who you are truly matters.

  • Reflection in a spectacular setting lets you†step outside routine,†so you can†return home refreshed and ready to express†your gifts freely.

Give yourself or one you love a weekend of expression, reflection and movement that liberates your truest and most powerful self.

(Think yoga pants, comfy clothes, art supplies, nature, circle time coaching, no big screen power points, or stuffy business attire.† Just bring your favorite pens and a journal and YOU. Come, open your heart, rejuvenate your spirit, and build your self-trust in a way that will bring grounded confidence and clarity to relationships, life, and work.)

Registration for retreat is through JoŽlle’s website: https://joellelydon.com/art-of-relating-retreat
If you have any questions, please contact JoŽlle at (518) 727-5458 or at Joelle@JoelleLydon.comTo reserve an overnight contact Wiawaka at 518-668-9690.

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