Exhibition Opening: Stitched in Time: 1850-1950 Quilts - Chapman Museum

Chapman Historical Museum
Location 348 Glen St., Glens Falls, NY  12801

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location https://www.chapmanmuseum.org/events/

10:00 - 4:00 pm - The Chapman invites the public to a free exhibition opening of "Stitched in Time: 1850-1950 Quilts" on June 8 at the 348 Glen St. Museum. The event includes refreshments, crafts, and other activities. This is an exhibition that chronicles the history of one of the United States’ early art forms and examines the role quilting played in our nation’s culture. “This exhibition has been on the exhibition calendar since my first month at the Museum,” Herwig said. “I am eager to show off these magnificent works.” “Stitched in Time” comprises quilts and textiles, but at the heart of the exhibition is how the craft and resulting quilting bees shaped the social, economic, and political lives of early Americans, particularly women. This exhibition is a must-see for quilters, seamstresses and other artisans, but also for those with a passion for history. Quilts and textiles were created first to help keep Colonial settlers warm, using scraps and leftover cloths. But the Civil War and its impact on the cotton industry changed the way textiles were bought, sold, and used in the U.S., making fabric a commodity. Eventually, quilting became a social centerpiece of American culture, bringing women together to socialize and, eventually, contributing to political discourse. As the role of quilting evolved, the artistry and designs became more advanced, distancing what became of the earliest American artforms from its utilitarian roots.

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