Tuesday Trail Talks: ADK and the NPT

Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake (ADKX)
Location 9097 State Route 30, Blue Mountain Lake, NY  12812

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location https://www.theadkx.org/events/

2:00 - 3:00 pm - The Northville Placid Trail immerses hikers in adventure, wilderness, and history. Completion of the trail in 1924 was one of the first acts of the newly-formed Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK). The NPT is older than its better known cousins, the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, but like them, it attracts devoted thru and section hikers every year. Its story is a microcosm of the story of the Adirondack Park: a tale of vision, the intersection of communities and wilderness, and the connection between people and a landscape.

About the Speakers: 

Julia Goren is the Deputy Executive Director of the Adirondack Mountain Club where she oversees the operation of the Heart Lake Program Center, leads ADK’s efforts to expand its educational reach and impact in the Adirondack Park, and builds upon its work with partners across the region. Before returning to ADK in 2021 she spent three years with the Adirondack Council, where she served as a Trustee, as their VISION Project Director. Julia also serves on the board of Cloudsplitter Foundation.