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Celebrating Resilience Guest Blog: Roaring Brook Ranch

Posted: 12/29/2020 - 3-Minute Read

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Celebrating Resilience  Guest Blog: Roaring Brook Ranch

We didn't want to usher in 2021 without looking back on the remarkable ingenuity of our local business community in 2020.

During 2020, we all had to adapt. Local businesses and organizations had to learn new technology, rethink marketing strategies, navigate the PPP application process, and understand and implement new safety and sanitation protocols.

It was a year filled with challenges and ingenuity, hardships and courage, uncertainty and collaboration.

We are grateful for our business community’s ability to come together. In 2020, we truly saw how our economy is interconnected.

We asked our members to submit guest blog posts about how they had to rethink their businesses and organizations and adapt to the constant changes 2020 brought. 

The following is a guest blog post submitted by The Roaring Brook Ranch in Lake George.

With the current pandemic caused by a virus that doesn’t seem to want to go away, many businesses and organizations have had to become creative at finding ways of adapting their business around the new restrictions and regulations in place. Here at The Roaring Brook Ranch, we’ve adapted and made some changes to ensure our staff and all guests stay safe.

Some of the general rules we have applied are that all persons in any building must wear a face covering and have their temperature taken at the time of entering the main building. This helps us ensure that no one with symptoms is entering or staying on property. Sanitizing stations have also been set up providing hand sanitizer for all to use at many different locations within the main building and restaurant.

Our housekeeping and restaurant personnel have been trained on how to properly clean and sanitize all areas. To do this we are using disinfectants that are specialized to combat viruses such as the current along with the help of an electrostatic sprayer.

We have been flexible with cancellations or rebooking for a later time next year. This has made it easy for our guest to either change their stay to a later time of next year or cancel their upcoming stay with no cancellation fee. Since we do hold large group reservations and special events, we’ve become flexible with rescheduling.

Just this past October we held a Trunk o Treat event where we made sure all the visiting children and families were able to enjoy themselves while being safe and practicing social distance. Each themed decorated car was parked within at least eight feet from each other. We also set up a haunted ballroom attraction where some of our staff wearing their mask as required got lost into character and gave some pretty good fright to those who dared pass through. We also held a Holiday Craft Event for two days and even with such a great turn out we were still able to control the flow of visitors coming in and out of the building where the craft was being held and check their temperature.to ensure the safety of the vendors that participated we set each table at ten feet apart and only allowed two shoppers per table. With these events, we’ve learned valuable lessons that such events can be organized provided we follow safety guidelines.

With all of these changes and state-enforced regulations, we have reduced the seating capacity in lion with the mandated occupancy changes. Another way we are working to help prevent the spread is by offering our dining guests disposable utensils wrapped in cellophane packaging.

Like everyone else around the world we hope and wish things will return back to normal sooner rather than later. Until then we will keep working hard to ensure we are taking all the measures possible to keep our staff and guests safe.



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