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HiFi Loft opens brand-new location in Glens Falls

Posted: 8/29/2023

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HiFi Loft opens brand-new location in Glens Falls

HiFi Loft opens brand-new location in Glens Falls

GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK — Jason Tavares, a pioneer in high-fidelity audio solutions and resident of Glens Falls, announces a second location of his successful New York City venture, HiFi Loft. The new listening room and store is located at 32 Dix Avenue, Glens Falls, New York, in the building formerly housing Glens Falls Business Machines.

HiFi Loft is a premier listening room that features a curated assortment of amps, loudspeakers, turntables, and digital sources for any budget. This extraordinary space is meticulously designed to offer audiophiles and music enthusiasts an unparalleled sonic experience that transcends conventional listening environments.

“While I’m certainly not new to the business of selling audio gear, I am super excited that now, with HiFi Loft, I’m able to create a space that more perfectly conforms to my vision of a great modern-day HiFi store: a friendly, comfortable space in which to find new and used records, audio gear, and a shared appreciation for the importance of music and the fidelity of its playback at home,” says Jason Tavares, owner of HiFi Loft and resident of Glens Falls, New York. “ I can’t wait to share this vision with the public at our official grand opening and ribbon-cutting celebration!”

Media Contact: Kate Austin,, 518-353-2121

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