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Mind Bending Mystery Spot

Posted: 8/22/2019

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Mind Bending Mystery Spot

The Mystery Spot is a mind-bending natural phenomenon and a must-do while you’re in Lake George!

Located next to the Visitor Center we staff in Lake George, there is a raised circular platform in Blais Park on Beach Road. Metal rails come together in the middle of the concrete to form a compass design. The shape of Lake George is painted in blue over the platform.

If you stand directly in the middle of the circle where the metal rods cross and speak, you’ll hear an unexplained echo that people a few feet from you won’t believe until they experience it for themselves.

If you’re looking for a scientific explanation, no one has been able to provide one. There are some theories that the wall around the circle factors into the echo. It could be the mountains and the lake in relation to that specific longitude and latitude. Spiritual theories abound as well; Some say the echo was created long ago when a Native American deity appeared and so his wisdom echos forever more in this spot.

One thing is clear — whether you’re reciting proverbs or shouting gibberish, you’ll definitely hear a strange echo in this spot.

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