Astrological Chart Anatomy 101 at the Adirondack Salt Cave

Adirondack Salt Cave
Location 11 Broad St., Glens Falls, NY  12801

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location https://adirondacksaltcave.com/events/

Sunday October 29, 2023 – 2pm-5pm
Registration is now open:

Registration and Pre-Payment is necessary to save your spot! (This special event is limited to 10 people)
Cost – $70 per person for 3-hour session with 1 hour of Halotherapy
To Register and Pay, call Adirondack Salt Cave (518) 798-2343
or Register and Pay online using the following link: Register Now!!

Have you ever wondered why your Astrological Sun Sign may not feel like you?
Well because that’s more like your Moon Sign.
Or why you see and interact with the world in a maybe a different way?
It’s because that’s more like your Rising Sign!
When you were born you and the Cosmos chose an astrological design specific to your birth date, place, and time!
Join me to learn how to read your astrological blueprint and have fun with others as well!
This Astrology Chart Anatomy class includes an hour of Halotherapy in the Salt Cave while we
connect to our psyches on a cosmic level!
Let’s get interactive with our soul’s purpose and learn more about our unique Astrological blueprints.

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You can also visit his website to learn more at www.lhbsoulcenter.com.

Always Evolving & Exploring,
James Joseph L. Rosenfield

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